Sunrise Computer Graphics (CG) Mini Project

sunrise cg mini project using opengl

Sunrise CG Mini Project Using OpenGL

The project title “Sunrise CG mini project” suggests what we have implemented in this project. Using OpenGL we are going to develop the project called sunrise. As we have seen in our childhood and most of us drawn the picture of sunrise so we will implement the same so that it will be a good computer graphics project.

In this project there will be a sun in the middle of the two hills and sun will rise above between these hills as the sun rises and birds will be flying in the sky and it will be simple implementation and we have to provide motion to sun and birds.

The OpenGL project titled sunrise is a simple project, In this project, we have to design the objects like hills and trees and the main object that is the sun. We should design the object like there should be two hills in the backyard and create a small house and some trees and the sun should be rise in between those hills that we usually drew in our childhood and as the sun rises write a logic in such a way that the screen brightness should be increased to indicate the rising of sun and design some birds and provide motion for them in such a way that they should fly towards the sky the implementation is not so easy but we can implement them by spending more time in learning.


Showing the sunrise in this project is the main objective and we have added some more objects like birds which are flying towards the sky.

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