Rotation of Earth Computer Graphics (CG) Mini Project

rotation of earth cg mini project


Rotation of earth computer graphics (CG) mini project is a tiny and easy project to implement. In this rotation of earth mini project there will be earth in the space and it will be kept on rotating on its own on the earth there will be land and water design as you can see it in the globe that we normally use in our daily lives like that only we will design the earth and it is very easy to implement this earth using the basic designs like circle and some curved lines using simple color combinations

The rotation of earth computer graphics (CG) mini-project will be a cool one because of its simplicity in implementation and it will be a good looking project. In this mini project, we have to implement an earth design and we have to provide the rotation motion to it. Providing motion to the earth and design will be the key operations in the project.

The earth in the mini project should be kept on rotating slowly and create a background in such a way that it should look like space and the earth will be rotating in the space and create some stars in the project so that it will look good and more realistic.

Implement some moving comets while the earth rotating. And with these, if you get any ideas of any objects with relevant to this project situation you can design and implement them also. But remember the objects should be simple, relevant and don’t add too many objects because don’t waste time on unnecessary things to add as I told above implementing those objects will be enough for this project. If you want some more details on earth design you can draw the longitude and latitude lines on them it will look good.


The main objective of this project is to design the earth make it rotate slowly and add options like increase and decrease the speed of rotation by providing options and controls through a keyboard or mouse.

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