Pacman Game Computer Graphics (CG) Mini Project

pacman game cg mini project


The game named “Pac-man” is very popular and we all played this game in our childhood. So implementing this game as a computer graphics (CG) mini project will be a good idea. There will be Pac-man traveling in a maze and while it is traveling there will be dots in the maze and when it eats the dot the points will be raised.

While traveling in the maze some objects will be chasing the Pac-man. If the chasing objects touch the Pac-man then the Pac-man life will be lost and the game will be ended and the score will be displayed. This is an overview of the project.

In this project, we want to implement a maze first the design should be simple because implementing the maze in open GL is a difficult process and we want to create a Pac-man in the project and we want to provide motion for the Pac-man.

The motion of the Pac-man will be controlled by the game player or the user and also we want to create the ghosts where these ghosts will be moving and chasing the Pac-man and the user should escape and control the Pac-man motion in such a way that the Pac-man should never come in contact with the ghosts.

The implementation is very difficult because we want to write the logic for the motion of the ghosts and Pac-man too. Pac-man have to eat the dots in the maze by escaping from the ghosts the number of dots ate by the Pac-man will the score of the game.

If the Pac-man comes in contact with ghosts then the game will get terminated and the score will be displayed to the user. There will be some score boosters around the corners of the maze if the Pac-man eats the booster then the score will be increased.


Playing this game will be great fun and it will be great computer graphics (CG) mini project because it has got some difficult implementations so try to implement this project

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