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Library Management System Project using PHP and MySQL

library management system project in php

The library management system is a simple mini project developed in PHP using MySQL. This project is developed to manage and store the information of all books in the library in an efficient manager.

The project helps the library manager to get the information about books available in the library and the number of books issued to students, etc. It also allows the admin to keep track of the books that have been issued and returned. 

If a user returns a book after the last return date then, the user should pay an appropriate fine for submitting the book after the last date. Calculating these fine amount for many users manually may be time-consuming and also includes a high chance of mistakes.

These problems can be avoided by making the system to track information such as book issued date, last date to submit the book and to generate the fine amount. As the system takes control of these operations and avoids the mistakes.

library management system php project

Library Management System Project Modules

1. Admin Login

When you run this project, In the home page you are asked to enter the admin id and admin password. Now enter admin id as “admin@123” and password as “admin123“, after typing click on login. If you type the wrong id and password, you will get an error message saying ‘invalid Id and Password’.

After successful login, you are going to see a page which contains operations like add admin, add books, search books, view books, issue books and return books. 

If you want to add another admin you can add by clicking the option ‘Add Admin’. In Add Admin page provide Name, Id, Email and set the password and click submit that’s it a new admin is added.

2. Add Books

The ‘Add Books’ option is used to add new books to the library. When you click on ‘Add Books’ option you will see a form, fill the form by providing the name of the book, book id, author name, publisher name and number of copies. Only the admin can add the books.

3. Search and View Books

The Admin can search for a particular book by typing the book name. If the entered book is available then the system will display the book id, the name of the book, author name, publisher and number of copies present in the library.

The ‘View Books’ option is used to display the information of all books available in the library.

4. Issue and Return Books

The books are issued to the users by the admin. For issuing a book the user Id, book Id and Last date to return the book is specified.

When the user returns the book, the admin will check whether the user returned the book in time or not, by entering the book id and user id. The fine amount will be calculated when the user fails to return the book on or before the last date.

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Download Source Code

These are the modules developed in this project “Library management system” PHP project.

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