Bull’s Eye Computer Graphics (CG) Mini Project

bulls eye cg mini project


Bull’s eye is a small and good looking game to play and we can easily be addicted to this CG project game. Bull’s eye game consists of arrows, balls in this game. The balls will be flying on the screen of the system and the player who is playing the game has to aim the flying balls and they should shoot arrows to the balls and destroy them.

Shooting the arrows need a good concentration to shoot them. That is why this project is named as a bull’s eye. This is the overview of this Bull’s eye project.

Bull’s Eye CG Mini Project

bull’s eye is a computer graphics (cg) mini project which is developed by using the language called “OpenGL” which has named “BULL’S-EYE” in this project there will be two players one will be the computer and the opponent will be player playing against the computer.

The objects in the project are floating balls and arrows. In this game, the balls will be floating in the screen and the player should aim at the balls and shoot the arrows to the balls one after the other till all the balls cleared. As we mentioned above the player needs to have a good concentration to play this game. The above-explained things are already designed in the project.

Now we will see the possibilities of updating the project with some other simple projects and design. The game will be the same but we will try to design the different objects and those objects will be like this design the face like objects or some fruits.

Instead of arrows design some knives it will look good. Try to take the simple objects try to keep the project simple and don’t try to implement too many things in the project and use colors smartly it will give more sense to it.

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